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Thu, Sep. 21st, 2006, 09:13 pm
I hope this finds you doing well.

Hey. If you read this, happy birthday. 18 is a pretty good year.

I don't have any money... I'd have gotten you something otherwise. Heh, big surprise there. The best I could do was take back what I said way back and apologize for lashing out like that. I'm sorry, I really am. If I hadn't let pride get in the way, things might be better.

I miss you. I've been lamenting over what I could do for you to make you happy. Odds are, just stay out of your life, and I'm fine with that. If that's the best I can offer, so be it. But I just wanted to say out loud that I'm waiting for you. When I said I would forever, I meant it, even if I lose sight of it at times. I won't seek you out, or anything like that. No tricks, nothing underhanded. Just me, putting my hand out to let you know if ever there's anything I can do for you, I'll do my best to make it real. A roof over your head if you had nowhere else to go, a room to yourself to get away from life, a friend, someone you could love and trust again. I don't have much, and am not much, but what I've got, I'll offer.

Don't blame you if you don't believe me. But it's the truth. However long I have to wait, and however long I can wait, I will, because you're the one person who truly made this life worth living.